Remembering Andrea and Becky

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

~ Jiminy Cricket

y1pVAIBcIugr6yAQ12BWR63icdGvwG-5GG4SSUhL5sd_A6UJ47eHQRM8bjhTRGwj72TdK5led3UYb8Last year I was so disappointed when I could not get to Newfoundland in August for the 5th Annual Andrea and Becky Funfest. This golf tournament in memory of my great nieces has raised over $100 000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation. My disappointment was tempered by the support of many friends, family and parishioners who pledged me to ‘stay away’ from the golf course. In the end, I collected over $3000 in pledges and the work of making dreams come true was advanced because of your kind support.

This year we will make the Funfest and I will hit the golf course in support of this great event. Again, this year I am looking for your support. Last year alone, the tournament raised over $67000, helping six children gain their wish. Can we surpass that amount this year? Time will tell. I am hoping that you will pledge me funds to play well at the tournament this year.

When Andrea and Becky were diagnosed with Batten’s disease our family’s whole world was turned upside down. The next four years would be more difficult than words could ever describe. One great ray of light in an otherwise dark time for my nephew Gary and his wife Annette and their eldest daughter Leah, was the Children’s Wish Foundation. They immediately made plans for Andrea and Becky to receive their wishes. The memories of their trip are treasured. We were very overwhelmed by the support of Children’s Wish and have worked hard ever since to help them continue to provide hope for children, often circumstances where hope seems impossible.

Halloween 007
We honour them annually with this memorial tournament.
They are deeply missed.

We will be playing on August 17 — if you would like to sponsor me to play in the Andrea and Becky golf outing this year please send me a comment on here or email me at  and I will get your information on the sponsor sheet. (Tax receipts are issued for donations of $10 and over). Help us make a child’s heart’s desire come true….

You may not be able to help financially — but you can still help …

  • You can pray – You may not be able to help financially. That is ok. If you are a person of faith, offer prayers for our efforts, but more importantly offer prayers for children with Batten’s Disease or who struggle with other conditions and need help. Pray for the Children’s Wish that they would have success in their efforts to help families in difficult circumstances.
  •  Our golf tournament is held annually in NL. Many of you are from far from there. Perhaps on the day of our Funfest – August 17th you can play a round of golf, go for a walk, or spend some time with children, or family or friends in general for whom you are thankful – and remember us and our sweet girls Andrea and Becky.

So help us however you can…. and take this poll…..


Andrea and Becky's Family Members hold a cheque for nearly $67 000 at then end of last year's Funfest
Andrea and Becky’s Family Members hold a cheque for nearly $67 000 at then end of last year’s Funfest

4 thoughts on “Remembering Andrea and Becky

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  1. Who can resist your wishes, Kevin. You could have been a salesman, a stand up comedian, an actor, a singer, a teacher….but you rolled it all into one and became a rector in the Anglican church. These are your minor talents. Certainly we see your spiritual quotient and pastoral gifts increasing. I will certainly send you a cheque for this worthwhile event. It is not tied to a great golf score. hmmm. We have had sadness in our own lives as a friend died in Maine Wednesday at age 62. His mother is our neighbour/friend in Arizona. God does wash away the tears, but he does not dry them up.

    1. Thank you Evelyn – you are too kind. I will keep you in prayer as you journey through this difficult time. God is indeed with us in the midst of even the most difficult of times.

  2. Talk about coincidence, just this morning I was looking at the beautiful card I received last year from your family following the golf tournament. Its on my bulletin board in the office. Of course I’ll sponsor your participation and a check is on its way in the morning post.

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