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March 2013


For Christians, this weekend is the ‘Superbowl’ of the year! This is where it all happens for us. As I write this, I am preparing to offer several different Homilies/Sermons throughout Holy Week as we have a different church service... Continue Reading →

A Passive Citizen is a Contradiction!

Tariq Ramadan, visited London last night. Often described as the Muslim Martin Luther, this scholar did not disappoint those who came to hear someone who could live up to that billing.  The hour long address was filled with insight, challenge,... Continue Reading →

A New Pope – a Time of Renewal?

Much of the world today was captivated by what was happening in Rome. Millions around the world watched looking for smoke to fly from a chimney. Smoke rising to indicate that a church which has faced many challenges in recent... Continue Reading →

Giving up Membership to Take up Mission

I have been spending some time these past few days reading Reggie McNeil's Missional Renaissance. It is a great book and should be reading for all who are in leadership positions in the church. The book is focused on calling... Continue Reading →

I Made The Bread!

This past Sunday I was greeted by one very exited 4 year old named Kyleigh who burst through the doors of St. Aidan’s. She was excited to share some news with me. She was full of the excitement that children... Continue Reading →

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