Claiming Pleasure

Pleasure is spread through the earth
In stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find.
~William Wordsworth

Tonight I was emailed photos of my nephew John Hounsell-Drover visiting my mother.

Lt (N) John Hounsell-Drover and Mom

I cannot tell you how happy and pleased this made me feel. John is a Chaplain in the Royal Canadian Navy and is returning to Halifax from a six month tour oversees on HMCS Charlottetown. The ship is layover in St. John’s, NL and he took time out to visit his grandmother. I can only imagine how proud mom must have been to see John today. I can only imagine how proud she is of John as we all should be for the service he is giving to God and to the Crown.

I visit long-term care facilities homes regularly. What people need more than anything is a ministry of presence. That is to say, there is nothing more valuable than the gift of time from family members or from friends. So how great it was to see John on his long journey home to his family, being present to his grandmother and making her feel special – because she really is.

Many thanks to John for taking time today to make one woman feel like she is such a high priority – and many thanks for being present to those who have put their lives aside in defence of freedom and peace. And Many thnaks Helen for sending me the photos!

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  1. Photos are really an incredible gift and blessing. They can do so much to lift your spirits especially when they are of family, friends or occasions. Not only do they convey information but they provide such a wonderful way to maintain contact, especially if distance is involved.

    We tend to take them for granted most of the time, as we are surrounded by images, both still and moving. But when those special pictures arrive, now almost instantaneously, it seems, we experience real joy.

    Thank God for the invention and the gift of photography.

    1. Beautiful picture of Vivian and your nephew I feel your joy . I to when I receive my pictures from home and my family . you can see the joy in your moms face

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