In Gratitude


This past weekend my family hosted the 5th Annual Andrea and Becky Funfest in support of Children’s Wish. This event raises money in memory of our precious angels who died in 2008. They lived to be six and seven respectively. The impact they had while they were with us was tremendous. The legacy that they have left behind is even bigger. Despite the struggles that Batten’s Disease brought to their life, remembering those little girls is to remember joy and happiness. From all reports this past weekend was a great testimony to that. Family and friends came together and collectively raised over $66 000 for an organization that gave so much joy to Andrea and Becky and their big sister Leah as well as their mom and dad, Gary and Annette.

Cheque presentation — Photo Courtesy of Matt George

That amount of money is jaw dropping to me. Last year we were astonished when the event brought in $37 000.  To exceed $65 000 is so awesome. In an age where charities hold golf tournaments with $100 + green fees to raise funds, this event is held as an informal nine hole tournament where registration is regular green fees and cart of $35 and the expectation of some sponsors.  It is followed by a BBQ and a dance — and lots of foolishness and fun. When you hear numbers like the one’s that have been raised it becomes easy to think of a big, fancy affair. This is proudly, not that at all. It is fun, it is accessible for everyone. No one is hot and bothered about the skill level — it really is for fun. It is a FUNFEST!  I could not be prouder of Gary and Annette and Leah, my Sister Helen and my brother-in-law Gary and indeed of my siblings, all of whom planned or participated and made such a great day Saturday.

I am also so very grateful to the many who gave and most especially to those who pledged for me to ‘Stay the hell of the course.” You are all awesome. Your contributions added to $3625 which is some kind of a record for ‘not doing something.’  Thank you all for your gifts.

Each year I make a video that is played throughout the event. If you would like to have a look you can do so by clicking here.

August 24th would be the girls 11th birthday. They have been given a great gift and they have given a great gift! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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