A Single Act of Love

“A single act of love makes the soul return to life” – Maximillian Kolbe

Yesterday was the feast day of St. Maximillian Kolbe. I intended to write this post for that occasion – better s a day late than never at all. Be kind — I am trying to embrace Sabbath. Kolbe was a Polish priest who sheltered Jews during the Holocaust and was eventually arrested by the Gestapo and imprisoned at Auschwitz. Kolbe died there when he volunteered to take the place of another who was to be one of ten chosen from his cell to be starved to death. Kolbe was the lone man of ten left alive after three-week of starvation and was killed by the Nazis by lethal injection of carbolic acid.  He is a modern-day witness to what it means to be prepared to die for one’s faith.

In honour of his act of love and mercy for others, perhaps today we can think of an act of love that we might do for another that might bring ‘the soul to life.’ [As an aside, I wonder when I read that quote — is the person offering the act of love whose soul is brought to life, or is it the recipient of that act of love whose soul is brought to life. Does it matter?] Kolbe’s final act of love was very costly. Chances are that neither you nor I are going to face starvation or lethal injection today for loving another. So let us consider what we might do to honour the life of this great saint. He loved those he did not know by sheltering them. He loved those he was imprisoned with by taking their place in line for death.  He loved many with his steady faith and willingness to face whatever trials, fears and darkness beset his life. What do we see around us today? Who do we see suffering? Who is need of our love? No act of love is too small and who knows what soul we bring back to life… perhaps even our own.

The pledge drive continues — The Annual Andrea and Becky Funfest, in memory of our nieces, takes place this weekend. I am collecting pledges to stay off the golf course — scroll down to see my post from August 4th — THANK YOU to the many who have pledged so far — your gifts are nearing $3000. It is not too late to make your pledge. Just be in touch via an email  by clicking here  and I will let you know how. 

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