Supporting the Andrea and Becky Funfest

“There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Each year my family plays host to a golf tournament named the Andrea and Becky Funfest. It is in honour of two wonderfully beautiful little girls, our little angels, Andrea and Becky Sparkes. They were my great nieces. These twin darlings died eleven months apart in 2008 in their seventh year after a courageous battle with Batten’s Disease. You can read what I wrote at that time by clicking here and here.

Andrea and Becky Pictured at Disney with their Parents Gary and Annette and their big Sister Leah … and of course – Thing 1 and Thing 2

One of the great joys of their short life was a trip to Disneyland which was made possible because of the loving support of the Children’s Wish Foundation. It has been great that in the last few years, Andrea and Becky’s family are able, with the proceeds of the golf tournament, to make a cheque presentation in their name to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Making it more special is the fact that they do this on their birthday – August 24th. Last year, that cheque was for $37 000. Since this golf tournament started they have raised nearly $60 000. This is a tremendous feat for a 9 hole tournament of less than 100 people. This year’s Andrea and Becky Funfest is taking place on August 18th in beautiful Whiteway in the holy land of Newfoundland. It has been hosted at this lovely course since it began. The participants actually raise sponsors to golf – and it works.

It had been our hope that we would be there for it this year to offer our support. I received a sponsor sheet from Children’s wish in the mail and was getting excited to be getting home for this important event. But it is not to be this year. For various reasons, it has not worked out that we can attend. To say that we are disappointed is a gross understatement. The trip would have allowed not just the opportunity to celebrate Andrea and Becky and do some good for as great charity, but would have also allowed valuable time with family who we miss dearly – most especially my mother. The deep love that Martin Luther King referenced, in speaking of disappointment, is the force that makes this so saddening. That deep love is also the force that makes it ok to be realistic and say, “It may have to be next time.”

I am so proud of my nephew Gary, his Wife Annette and their daughter Leah who play host to this tournament with the support of our extended family. Some of my readers has mentioned sponsoring me – well, I still have that sponsor sheet and would love to fill it in and send along the support of the CFAs (Come From Aways). I know I will be making my pledge. So if you would like to sponsor me ‘not to go’ on this golf outing please send me a comment on here or email me at and I will get your information on the sponsor sheet. (Tax receipts are issued for donations of $10 and over). Perhaps I will golf that day in honour of the girls and in celebration of the good work that their family is doing to make a difference in the lives of so many children.

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  1. Kevin, your mum gave me a small photo of beautiful Andrea & Becky during one of her visits to Tecumseh. It has pride of place on our family photo shelf and there isn’t a day that I don’t look at their angelic faces. I would love to sponsor you not to play golf (I’m sure whoever would have been in your foursome will have a better score although not as much fun)

  2. Hi Kevin, I am so happy to be able to sponsor you in this great organization. The cheque will be sent to you tomorrow. Sorry you and Catherinanne are not able to be present on that day. Make sure you get to the Holy Land before the snow flies. You need a break! Hettie

  3. Oh Kevin, you make my heart ache and smile at the same time. We are too saddened that you will not be able to make it this year, but you and Catherineanne are always there with us in spirit. Thank you for all you do and your support. Miss you both….
    Love always, Annette, Gary and Leah xoxoxox

    1. We are heart broken but we are at work collecting sponsors for us ‘not to golf’ …and we of course will do what we can from a distance …and will looks forward to an appropriate adult beverage at Christmastime in yoour new home …
      Love you all…and sorry again to be missing the big weekend

  4. Ahhhh! Kevin – I know how hard it is when you really want/need to be with family and you just can’t !!!.Put me in for $20 and I will bring you a cheque on
    Aug 26th.
    P.S. I dont know how bad you are at golf – I have never played with you!

  5. Hi Kevin! I am amazed that you and your family have been able to raise so much money for the Children’s Wish Foundation in Andrea and Becky’s names. The community must indeed be the ‘Holy Land’ and I am glad that they have been such a source of comfort to all of you. You still have a large supportive community at St. Mark’s who keep you in their thoughts and prayers. Put me down on your pledge sheet for $20 and I’ll send the cheque tomorrow. Evelyn and John

  6. Kevin and Catherineanne…Randy and I would be more than happy to give a donation. You and your lovely wife have been such a blessing to our St. Clair Beach Community! We were so fortunate to have such Godly and wonderful neighbors! Thank-you for everything! E-mail us your new info… Your nieces are beautiful! ❤ Randy and Felicia 🙂

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