Understand Yourself & You Will Understand What is Going on Around You

Knowing what one is made of is difficult stuff.  It is easy enough to talk about, but it is difficult work to accomplish. Today is the Feast day of St. Augustine of Hippo. (Yesterday was his Mother’s day – St. Monica.) In Confessions Augustine writes about how very tough it is to know oneself:  “No... Continue Reading →

“Just to be is a Blessing, Just to Live is Holy.”

Last week came the news that the papers of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel have been acquired by Duke University. Among those papers are “notes and drafts for nearly all of his published works, as well as correspondence with leading religious figures, including Martin Buber and Reinhold Niebuhr. Also included in the collection are his social... Continue Reading →

Supporting the Andrea and Becky Funfest

“There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.” - Martin Luther King Jr. Each year my family plays host to a golf tournament named the Andrea and Becky Funfest. It is in honour of two wonderfully beautiful little girls, our little angels, Andrea and Becky Sparkes. They were my great nieces.... Continue Reading →

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