Catherinanne throws a Graduation Party

This is a guest blog entry by Catherinanne….

Kevin tries his new Doctoring skills

I cannot believe that three years has now passed, and that Kevin has graduated.  Could it even be possible?  If I had not seen the countless hours of study, the myriad of books (I was certain I was married to a body with a book for a head, along with a computer for hands), and the plethora of edits, I’m not sure I would have believe it even happened!  So many of you have supported both of us through this incredible journey, and we are so very grateful.  Please join me to celebrate the hard work and achievements of the Reverend Canon Dr.(!) Kevin George and his faithful sidekick, Curious George.

It is most fitting that such an auspicious occasion should occur at his most usual place of study…Boston Pizza.  We have reserved ‘his’ booth, the bar side, and several tables throughout.  Please plan to join us (with your well wishes only) on Saturday, June 2nd between 3 and 8 pm for an Open House at Boston Pizza, Tecumseh Rd and Amy Croft Drive.  We would appreciate knowing approximate numbers so that we can order appropriate food…you can RSVP by emailing Kevin at or by calling the church office at 519 735 4921 or leave a comment on this blog.  I would usually have set something up to contact me, but it is not a surprise this time, and my energies need to be in London.  I will get the numbers from Kevin.

If you need to speak with me about anything besides an RSVP or directions to Boston Pizza, you can leave a message at 519-981-1303.

We look forward to seeing you, and to celebrating with you, as we thank God for the wonderful gift we have in Kevin, for his faithful service to the Church (15 years now) and God’s world!

23 thoughts on “Catherinanne throws a Graduation Party

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  1. I would like to come, but it just ain’t possible. I will be in SW Ontario the weekend of the 23 -27 June (Guelph), but I send my love and best wishes to you both.

  2. Catherineanne I know this will be a great celebration and I would love to join you
    but duty and work calls, I will be thinking of you and Kevin and it will do my heart good to remember the beautiful smiles of you both. Enjoy!
    McCormick Seminary

  3. Evelyn Meyer and John Pipis have returned this day, May 22nd, from Arizona and will be happy to accept the invitation to celebrate Kevin’s graduation at B.P.

  4. Lucy, Margaret, Chris & Raymond will stop by before work to cheer you on!!!!! See you then Dr. Rev. Canon George & Mrs. George! :))

  5. Sorry we can’t make it but enjoy yourselves! Eat ,Drink and be Merry!!
    Big Brother Bob and his better half!! lol

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