Ray loved a parade of Clergy — on March 12th – he had a Parade of Clergy in his honour and he was the Grand Marshall.

On behalf of our Parish Community of St. Mark’s by-the-Lake, tonight I want to offer many thanks to all who attended Ray Hinton’s Funeral service today as well as those who came to his visitation on Sunday. Among the surprises last evening was a visit from The Very Reverend Peter Wall and his wife Anne who made the trip from Hamilton. Peter blessed us by singing at the Service of Light and it meant a great deal to Marion and her family. We offer special thanks to Canon Sue Tite, Sarah Doucette and our Bishop Bob Bennett for being present from Synod Office for Ray’s funeral. Having the Bishop celebrate at Ray’s funeral was a great gift that was so appropriate given Ray’s commitment to the Diocese of Huron. Thank you as well to the Archdeacon of Lambton Paul Millward, and Archdeacon Essex Kim Van Allen for being part of our celebration. Thanks as well to our Regional Dean Rob Henderson and the many deanery clergy and who came to celebrate Ray’s life with us. It was also very touching to see Major’s Ralph and Sharron Young in our procession, knowing Ray had a great heart for ecumenism. We are also grateful to Bishop Percy and Sue O’Driscoll and to Bishop Jack Peck for being present with us. It was heartening as well to see Lay Delegates from across the Diocese of Huron in attendance. There were messages from clergy who were too far away to attend and from those who are away this week due to the break. For all of the messages of love and support we offer our gratitude. Our parish has suffered a terrible loss and the love expressed by the wider church is a reminder that we are a part of a large company of Saints that Ray so humbly served.

We also give thanks to those who made the celebration at the K of C Hall possible. To our Wardens and our parish members who put today together – thank you. To Grace Forster who organizing such a great dessert table as well as to all who contributed toward it – Thank you. And to the Nicholas Point Club and the K of C Council for your generosity and for the great lunch – Thank you!

Marion, Stewart & Janice, Michael, and Kevin were overwhelmed with the love and support that they received from the parish of St. Mark’s by-the-Lake and from the wider Church. March 12th was a hard day – but it was a good day. Ray’s funeral provided for us a very good reflection of what the church can be. We allowed the light of our creator to illumine our community and allow us to see by God’s light how we can bind up the broken-hearted, lift up the fallen and live hope as we walk through the dark and perilous hallways of suffering. This celebration would have made Ray smile – as it is the work of making the City of God real in our time that brought him the greatest joy. Thank you to all who came for being the Church!