Happy Feast of Sinterklass

Today we mark the Feast of St. Nicholas. This prayer from the 2 Heart Network to Sinterklass, is a reminder of where our traditions come from and call us to be attentive to God and God’s will as we ready ourselves for Christmas.

St. Nicholas, patron of children, may this candy cane, shaped like your Bishop’s staff, be a reminder of Advent joy. Help us prepare for the miracle of the coming of Jesus. Help us not to be blind to the gifts of getting ready. Help us be sincere in the greetings we send and receive, with love and prayer. Kind St. Nicholas, protect us from shoppers’ fatigue, help us to be kind and generous of heart. Wherever candy canes are hung, may they bring the bright blessings of God. Let them be reminders of the joy of sharing and our call to be God’s peaceful children as we wait for Jesus. St. Nicholas, pray for us! AMEN!

“Santa Claus is anyone who loves another and seeks to make them happy; who gives himself by thought or word or deed in every gift that he bestows”  ~Edwin Osgood Grover. We need to take time to follow the example of the Saints who went before us. St. Nicholas reminded us that it was about more than gift giving to the people closest to us. In Saint Nicholas we are given an example of how we might find those who are in need and do what we can to be the face of Jesus and bear witness the Light which dispels all darkness. I fear that has been lost over the years as we engage in the gluttonous commercial feast of Christmas. Let us all take time to learn more about Saints like Nicholas whose life bore witness to loving, giving, being present and being a disciple.

You can read more about Nicholas by clicking here.

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