Primate Fred Hiltz calls For Prayers

I received this email today asking that we let our parishes know about our Primate’s request.  So….here it is…..

Primate calls for prayers for Egypt on Sunday, February 13


Our Primate



Dear brothers and sisters

Today, the world has witnessed the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Behind that historic moment lie 18 days of protest on the part of the people of Egypt gathered in person and in spirit in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Christians and Muslims have stood and prayed together for change. Today’s events are a manifestation of the people’s hope for democracy. We pray that the military, into whose hands power has now passed will honour that hope. As a number of world leaders have said the ultimate shape of the future of Egypt lies in the hearts and hands of the people themselves. Already they have demonstrated to the world that positive change can come through, patient and prayerful protest rather than vicious, vigilant and vile acts of violence.

Having walked through Tahrir Square at the Primates’ meeting in 2009 where the people have stood , I ask for prayers for them and for all those who will have a hand in a peaceful transition in governance and for all, wherever they may be, for whom Egypt is home in their hearts.

I make this appeal in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the prince of peace, whose parents — Mary and Joseph –found in Egypt a place of refugee from the oppression of Herod.

Fred Hiltz

Archbishop and Primate



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