My Editorial from the Tecumseh Tribune which will be out later today…

On Wednesday each week our church celebrates a Mass at 10:30 am. At the end of the celebration each week we always go the Tecumseh Knights of Columbus for lunch together. We look forward to this each week. Now this would have seemed odd just twenty short years ago – an Anglican community attending a Roman Catholic fraternity on a weekly basis. Thankfully things have changed. To be honest, I cannot say enough about how community minded the Knights of Columbus are and how thankful we are for their kindness toward us. We have been holding our very successful Celebrity Auction and Steak Dinner there for the better part of eleven years and could not do what we do without this great venue. During a recent period of construction, the K of C hosted our Fall Bazaar and our Annual Turkey Dinner. The later event was so successful that we have decided it is the best location for that event, and there it has remained. When we had a Rededication Mass at St. Mark’s – the Knights were there barbequing for the reception we had after the event. When the many churches of Tecumseh and East Windsor expressed a desire to meet together, the K of C hosted us for lunch and have continued to offer that hospitality. When our church hosted an interfaith forum a year ago, the K of C offered tremendous support. This is not even an exhaustive list of the ways in which the men at the Fr Nicholas Point Club and Council #4375 of the K of C have been so helpful to our community.

Now back to our lunch on Wednesdays…we have an AMAZING lunch each week. There is a different special each week for $5.00. We enjoy a meal each week that is tasty, cooked, and is real food, that taste better and costs less than any fast food joint in the area. Now, I know what you are saying; “If I could get a $5 lunch I would go often!” Good News! YOU CAN! The K of C serves lunch specials every day and it is always good.

Tecumseh is a better place because of the Knights of Columbus. Like every other service organization, the K of C has to work hard to make ends meet and to keep their fantastic facility and their efforts to support others moving forward. I call upon our community to show its support to a group that has supported so many.  Here are a few things that you can do to show support and you do not need to be RC to do them:

  • Going out for lunch? – consider the K of C on Lesperance Rd.
  • Need to rent a space for a meeting, conference, shower, banquet, wedding, retirement party etc? – call the K of C
  • Love to have fish on Friday’s? – go to the Friday Fish Fry – the best Fish and Chips
  • Ordering Pizza? – Call Pizza Knight, a great Pizza place with an extensive menu with delivery – every order helps the K of C.
  • Have a hockey league, golf league, bowling league that would like to gather for continued fellowship after you play? – Go to the K of C
  • Like a different dinner out from time to time?  – Watch for the Chicken a Slider dinners or Pasta Dinners that are advertised around town from time to time.


In the meantime if you are Roman Catholic you can do even more. This is, after all, your organization. You may be a man who is looking for a great place to grow in fellowship with other men – Join the K of C. If you are a woman you might consider joining the Ladies Council.  This may represent the first occasion that an Anglican Priest spent time recruiting for the Knights of Columbus. There needs to be a first for everything. We all need to look out for each other. G.K. Chesterton wrote that “We are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.” This is so very true. In this great community let us support one another and be loyal to those who have shown such loyalty to us


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  1. Kevin, you have done a magnificent job highlighting the good things that the K of C do in the community. John and I are blessed by many intra faith experiences while we are in Arizona (Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Episcopal) but we miss you and everyone at St. Mark’s,, including mass on Wed. and lunch at the K of C afterward. Two of our parishioners at St. Mark’s volunteer at the fish dinners on Friday nights. Congratulations on your excellent recruiting for the K of C.

    1. Hi Ev
      We miss you here as well.
      We have quite a few gone south and we look forward to your return
      Stay well and give our best to John –
      Hope he had a great birthday

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