Honey don’t forget your offering envelope and your gun…have a great time at church!

If The Rev. Jonathan Wilkins gets his way members of his Georgia congregation will be packing heat when they bow down to worship the Prince of Peace. Wilkins believes that worshippers at his Baptist congregation are being denied their constitutional rights by being required to leave their guns at the door as the state law... Continue Reading →

Primate Fred Hiltz calls For Prayers

I received this email today asking that we let our parishes know about our Primate's request.  So....here it is..... Primate calls for prayers for Egypt on Sunday, February 13       Dear brothers and sisters Today, the world has witnessed the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Behind that historic moment lie 18 days of protest... Continue Reading →

Freedom Comes on Historic Day

“Order without liberty and liberty without order are equally destructive.”  ~Theodore Roosevelt Twenty one years ago today, Nelson Mandela was released from prison. His voice from liberty and freedom for his people could not be silenced. Tremendous that today as we mark that historic day, we are watching another historical moment unfold. The words of... Continue Reading →

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