Glad to see the end of Thursday

I am now at the end. I am pleased to say that tomorrow I will resume eating will actually work to eat better than I normally do. I am not sure I would have ever thought I would have longed for green vegetables or a salad. But after the diet I have shared with week with others who have been working to raise awareness of the need for good nutrition, I can now say that I really love my green vegetables and I love salad and I really can’t wait to enjoy them tomorrow. The challenge was to make the food stretch into Friday. I have a can of soup left that I could eat tomorrow and I have leftover casserole from Tuesday…but I am going back to regular food tomorrow.  The casserole is left because I just could not go there tonight.

I discovered that I had a package of Sidekicks rice and a can of beans left so I elected to have beans and rice instead.

Dinner was actually good! But again it was loaded with sodium and I have been struggling with thirst and heartburn all evening.  I like my colleague Kim Van Allen wrote on her Facebook wall “I need a salt-free week.” I am so with her on this. I thought that I rather liked salt but this has been a little bit ridiculous really. I am on total salt overload.

Now it is time to act. We need to speak. We need to write and email our MPPs and let them know that what is being provided is not enough. We need to call on government to implement a $100 food supplement to people on Ontario Works immediately. That also is not enough. We need to provide better foods for the food banks. We need to connect people who are hungry to our farms to places where produce is readily available. We need to work to change the systemic issues that compound these problems. It is now time to act.

I am so pleased to have been on this journey. What has made it worthwhile was the support and prayers from all if you. Many of you have let me know that you are going to contact you MPP. Many of you have indicated that you are getting together food for the food bank that is of superior quality. Some of you have begun to question ways in which we can work with people in poverty to help where we can. Some of you have discussed the possibility of community gardens and how we might be able to help people grow some healthy food. There have been many idea floated and what is most important there has been great conversations taking place between people from a variety of circles. If there is anything that I would have wanted setting out on this journey it would have been to get us talking about how we might turn our prayers for justice into just actions. My journey has come to an end, but our journey toward justice is ongoing. Let us work to find solutions to poverty. They system that we have in place is broken.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about this experience. Great job – really interesting experiment, and I’m sure you (and others reading this) learned a lot about how difficult it is to not only satisfy hunger, but also to sustain a healthy diet on those food boxes for any extended period.

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