I have been pleased to see the level of interest that this journey has generated. Yesterday was a record day for Revy Kevy’s Corner since it moved to WordPress. Over 250 people logged in to read and the day before over 150 of you logged on to read about this challenge. I hope that interest is creating conversation around dinner tables and water coolers alike.  Thank you for your interest – now for an update on today….

This is the third day this week that I have had a headache. It could be a coincidence but I really believe that the lack of fruit and vegetables and any sensible meat is a part of the whole affair.

These items remain in my bag:
1 can of tomato soup
2 individual cans of beans
4 slices of bread
3 pkgs of oatmeal (I can’t eat oatmeal)
1 pkg of hot chocolate mix….(tonight’s treat)
1 can of ‘creamed’ corn (someone shoot me!)

I have leftover casserole from Tuesday. I usually LOVE leftovers…but I am not anxious to eat those leftovers.  [see Tuesday’s blog for details and photos] But alas I will eat it…I think….or I’ll have some tomato soup.

Tomorrow this ordeal will be behind me and I can go back to my regular routine. But I will not go back to that routine in silence. While I have always had passion for the work of justice and the need to feed the hungry, I now have a new resolve for us to find a voice to help those who may not be able to help themselves.  Martin Luther King Jr. Said that “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Hunger matters! Poverty matters. How our society treats the most vulnerable and the weakest among us matters!

This diet is not just monotonous and boring. It is high in sodium and preservatives. It is loaded with carbohydrates and sugars. It is without nutrients. It lacks vitamins.  It is terrible for the body. We live in a land of abundance and plenty. We need to find a way to better distribute the wealth of our land. Every person matters. Every matter under heaven has come from God. We must come to realize that what we have is what God has given. We must also realize that God created humanity in God’s image…we must see to the dignity of all people and honour God by serving God in others.

While my energy levels are low, I am feeling some motivation to speak up and speak out. I encourage you all to do the same.

CHANGE IN PLANS – I discovered I still have the sidekicks rice here…I cannot really stomach the KD Casserole again…so…I am going to try and concoct a bean and rice dinner…I”ll post what it looked like after dinner.