This Journey Has Generated Interest

I have been pleased to see the level of interest that this journey has generated. Yesterday was a record day for Revy Kevy’s Corner since it moved to WordPress. Over 250 people logged in to read and the day before over 150 of you logged on to read about this challenge. I hope that interest is creating conversation around dinner tables and water coolers alike.  Thank you for your interest – now for an update on today….

This is the third day this week that I have had a headache. It could be a coincidence but I really believe that the lack of fruit and vegetables and any sensible meat is a part of the whole affair.

These items remain in my bag:
1 can of tomato soup
2 individual cans of beans
4 slices of bread
3 pkgs of oatmeal (I can’t eat oatmeal)
1 pkg of hot chocolate mix….(tonight’s treat)
1 can of ‘creamed’ corn (someone shoot me!)

I have leftover casserole from Tuesday. I usually LOVE leftovers…but I am not anxious to eat those leftovers.  [see Tuesday’s blog for details and photos] But alas I will eat it…I think….or I’ll have some tomato soup.

Tomorrow this ordeal will be behind me and I can go back to my regular routine. But I will not go back to that routine in silence. While I have always had passion for the work of justice and the need to feed the hungry, I now have a new resolve for us to find a voice to help those who may not be able to help themselves.  Martin Luther King Jr. Said that “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Hunger matters! Poverty matters. How our society treats the most vulnerable and the weakest among us matters!

This diet is not just monotonous and boring. It is high in sodium and preservatives. It is loaded with carbohydrates and sugars. It is without nutrients. It lacks vitamins.  It is terrible for the body. We live in a land of abundance and plenty. We need to find a way to better distribute the wealth of our land. Every person matters. Every matter under heaven has come from God. We must come to realize that what we have is what God has given. We must also realize that God created humanity in God’s image…we must see to the dignity of all people and honour God by serving God in others.

While my energy levels are low, I am feeling some motivation to speak up and speak out. I encourage you all to do the same.

CHANGE IN PLANS – I discovered I still have the sidekicks rice here…I cannot really stomach the KD Casserole again…so…I am going to try and concoct a bean and rice dinner…I”ll post what it looked like after dinner.

3 thoughts on “This Journey Has Generated Interest

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  1. I recently tallied up the money I spend in the supermarkets each month. For two people the sum came to about $800 and maybe more. I don’t waste food, and I don’t buy chips and candy etc. but I buy fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, chicken and occasionally pork and groud beef. I can’t imagine living on canned spaghetti and soup. How many apples and lettuce could I buy with $100 a month? I feel very weepy to realize that so many people have the kind of diet you are experiencing for five days. It has certainly made me determined to give more and better food and also to add my voice to the call for justice. Thank you for your posts.

  2. …..and on a personal note….Food Banks in general allow those on a “fixed income” a once a month visit, until they get back on their feet. As of late it’s been pretty much a long term stay for most because of the recession we have been experiencing in this area. I personally have seen one too many Food Banks in my life time. I would love to see more of an improvement in regards to the five food groups especially for the children of these families effected during hard times. Food Banks are supported by the community, not as much by our government, but maybe our government officials need to be the one’s who are eating the scarcity that is handed out in order for them to become more educated and more aware of the present situation. It wasn’t until this past year that i actually took advantage of the Food Bank, only because i was told that I was eligible for it, and that they were there for my use, because of my so called or better known “fixed income” situation. I’ll never forget for as long as I live the day i picked up my first box, it didn’t have much in it, I had to make it last, it was given to me with a “1 person” household ticket. 1 loaf of Frozen bread, that once thawed would be stale within 24 hours. 2-500 ml of water, One-1 Litre 2% milk, lots of red kidney beans, which contain lots of fibre, which is supposed to be good for you btw…and because it was summer i could pick from the big bins whatever vegetable the farmers would donate, at that time it was squash, as much to my liking. (I had never cooked a rutabagas before, let alone know what it looked like.) There may have been even a box of noodles-Kraft Mac & Cheese or Dried Noodles, with a can of tomato sauce or maybe even a large can of tomato paste. and of course a box of kleenex to catch the tears, and one single roll of toilet paper. How does one person make one roll of toilet paper last one month?

    I asked out of curiosity what was given to a family with children….tons of sugar. They give what they receive from the stores that they can’t sell….the dented, expired items, which aren’t good enough for their paying customers, so why are they pegged good enough for the “fixed income” families? Because it’s “free” that’s why. Beggars can’t really be choosers. In my eyes Windsor “lacks” in the food banks category, I never had the pleasure of visiting the Downtown Mission Food Bank, so i can’t speak about them, although after moving to LaSalle I was referred to the LaSalle Food Bank, because it was closer to where i live by the Unemployed Help Centre Food Bank, which is located on the opposite end of Windsor and if i had to rate them I would give the LaSalle Food Bank a “5 ***** STAR” rating over the “1 * STAR” rating i would give Windsor’s Unemployed Help Centre Food Bank.

    Let the change be from within.

    I just hope that after this 5 Day Challenge, your short term experience won’t be forgotten, instead etched in your minds long enough for a change to be effective and FOREVER LONG TERM.

    1. Thank you Evelyn for acting to make th situation better.

      Thank you Annarita for sharing a part of your story on this forum … I too am praying that this five day experience will mean longterm attitudinal change. I am please that so many have responded affirmatively to the call to action…we need to thank Pathway to Potential for calling our attention to this very important matter.

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