Tea and Toast is good!

Eventually got rid of the terrible heartburn last night. I rested well and have had a breakfast of tea and toast…not quite the same as when my mommy made it for me back home, but it was tea and toast and you cannot go wrong there.

Today will be a challenge. Lunch will be very light today as there is just a couple of cans of soup left and dinner is the left over KD surprise from Tuesday. Also, I have no real ‘snack food’ left. The two cookies that were in my bag are gone as are the small sleeve of imitation Ritz crackers. I do have a itty bitty can of beans left so I may eat those mid afternoon if I get in a hunger fit.

I am looking forward to returning to the food bank tomorrow to see how the others have done with their challenge and hearing more about how their weeks went. I am sure that other ‘community leaders’ also found themselves in meetings and social situations this week where food was in abundance but they had to turn it down. That was difficult I must say. But it was fair to ask that we turn that food down. I realized this week that my role in the world brings me into settings almost daily where food is offered freely and usually lots of it. (there may be a correlation here between this fact and the current circumference of my waist). I take so much for grated it is truly unbelievable.

Does your work allow for food throughout the day? Is there a coffee-room with snacks to share? For that matter how often do we leave work on a break and grab a Tim’s and throw in a Boston Cream if we feel like it? These are all things to consider when remembering that so many cannot enjoy these simple pleasures that we take for granted.

Stay tuned – I’ll let you know how the day is going. I feel quite good right now. I am now off to the Nursing Home for church. If you are in the area and would like to join us in giving a lift to those who need some love and care – we will be at Brouillette Manor at 10:30 AM



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