An Interesting Dinner

Well, I am full again. Supper was ok. My choice was to eat leftover from last night’s casserole (but I am saving this for Thursday) or to make some spaghetti. I decided to have the latter.  The lack of good meat is a problem. I did have a can of chicken left so I mashed it up and served it on top of the pasta and sauce.  It was not too bad. I could not finish the ‘meat’ however. The consistency was a problem.

Voltaire said that “Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.”  I am getting the sense by this point in the week that eating on this diet is getting tiresome. Tiresome because it is not the pleasure that God intended eating to be. The lack of choice, the high sodium, the high carbs, the lack of fruit and lack of vegetables and lack of good meats reduce eating to a necessity and not a pleasure. Those who know me know that I LOVE to eat. As the week marches on I am missing more and more being excited about eating because the pleasure aspect of eating is a memory for me.

Tomorrow will be another day. I am now down to the leftover casserole and some high sodium canned soups. There is no longer any ‘meat’ for a sandwich. So tomorrow may well be the most difficult day – thankfully it is the last full day.

Say prayers for those that need good food tonight.


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