Dinner Complete

I am full. It was ok…I don’t think I would choose to make this for dinner but with the bag of food that I have it was quite alright and I have at least for at least one more meal. The ingredients of the casserole were: Kraft Dinner, can of tuna, can of mixed veggies, can of mushrooms, can of cream of mushroom soup.  I mixed all of the ingredients that were being added to the KD in a casserole dish, mixed them well and heated them up in the microwave. When the KD was ready I put it in the dish with the other ingredients and mixed it all together. I then put it back in the micro for a few minutes to heat the whole concoction up. The consistency of the mangled mess leaves something to be desired but the taste is not all bad.  So I offer thanks to God for a full stomach when others will have no meal tonight at all.


I must confess that I was a little surprised when I looked around and saw what is left from my bag for the rest of the week. With a plan in place I know that I will have enough to make it till Friday. Having to plan like this has also given me a new appreciation for the fact that most of the time, we do not need to plan more than a couple of hours ahead for food. It definitely takes a concentrated effort to plan a week of meals on the food that I picked up yesterday.

Stay tuned. I will keep you all posted on my progress….

The next challenge will be tomorrow when I have to pass on meals at the K of C with our Wednesday group.

This did the job!