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September 2010

What is the Point of Church-going?

“What then, is the point of “church going?” Ask a theologian and you’ll get one kind of answer. Ask overworked parents of young children and you’ll get another. For me, it’s an opportunity to acknowledge by being in the presence... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Investment

Winston Church one famously proclaimed that "There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies." This holds true to even today. Perhaps more than ever we need to heed these words. This Sunday the people of... Continue Reading →

Special Birthday Instructions for a Rainy Day

Today is September 28. For me that day has always been important as it is my father’s birthday. Dad would be celebrating 94 years today if he was still with us. It was always a good day, because as dad... Continue Reading →

Not a House of Hate

While the 'dove' has been long regarded as a symbol of peace, at least one organization that uses 'dove' in its name has lost sight of its symbolism. Perhaps you have read a story or two in the past couple... Continue Reading →

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