My May 28th entry (see the archives) was a blog about my very beautiful and talented niece Lauren George from Newfoundland who was preparing to release her first CD of original music. I expounded then on how I believe God has blessed Lauren with a gift that the world needs to hear. She brings great delight to others when she sings and you can see how delighted she is when she is sharing her music. Lauren was excited last week to launch her first CD. Many of my blog readers and friends on Facebook indicated that they might like to order a cd – GREAT NEWS on that front. I will be receiving a shipment of CDs next week that you can purchase from me. Her debut work is entitled OBSESSION and I am pretty sure you will be obsessed with Lauren and her music once you hear it.  The CD is $20. Lauren is one of our independent Canadian artists and is working hard to get her name out there. This is a great opportunity to support excellent Canadian talent.  You may not have heard Lauren sing yet and might wonder if I am biased (of course I am – I love my Great Niece!). But I assure you I am not just flogging a CD for the sake of family support – THE MUSIC IS GREAT. Lauren has written and recorded the music for this first musical effort and it shows the tremendous talent that this 16 year old has.  You can hear Lauren sing and show your support by joining her fan page by clicking here. In the meantime email me at revykevy@cogeco.net to order her CD. If you are in this neck of the woods you will be able to pick them up from me at St. mark’s by-the-Lake. But the world is small, if you are anywhere on the face of planet earth, be in touch with me or with Lauren (she can be contacted through her support page) and we will see to it that you can purchase her CD. Click the Video Below to see and hear this great artist sing her title track!



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