Today was the ‘World Day of Prayer’ and I was fortunate to be at Tecumseh United for the service today with brothers and sisters from the many denominations in Tecumseh and east Windsor. The liturgy was written by the women of Papua New Guinea. The words of prayer and healing offered by women who have been through so much were a powerful witness to those praying on this 9th day of Lent – at least they were powerful words for me.

I was taken with the prayer that was offered a ‘Blessing and Benediction.’

Loving and Merciful God, God of oneness and unity
Though we have different cultures, languages, colours and
traditions from all corners of the earth, we are one in your Spirit.
Thank you for opening our inner hearts to see our Lord Jesus Christ
as the one who has united us and enabled us to be one.
Though we are many members, in Christ, we are one.
Let us join together as a sign of unity.
Let us go forth, empowered to make a difference
so that people around the world will see
and feel the oneness in Christ in this broken world,
and be compelled to draw closer to God.
May the source of oneness and unity draw us together with endless love,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


I think that we can all use to be reminded that we are called to go forward. The prayer that we may be empowered to make a difference is wonderful. Hopefully people will draw closer to God if we can better reflect the love that God intends for the world. No better discipline in Lent really that to seek to work harder to be agents of healing to the world.