Bob George in Action

It has been a long time in between posts again. I have been having some difficulty with finding a spare moment or two these past few weeks as we have finally moved into our new offices and are back to using the church Hall and the new Sunday school space upstairs. There will be a video in the next week or so to show the progress and how great the place looks with everything back in place. So stay tuned on that!

Tonight I spent some time looking back as it were. Today my Uncle Ches died after spending the last couple of years deteriorating from a combination of Parkinson’s and old age. I have fond memories of Uncle Ches and will always remember how much fun he was to us when we were children. Life always seemed a bit of a challenge for Uncle Ches yet he was always well humoured and always seemed to look forward to seeing us when we visited. I am spending some time writing about my Uncle tonight for a eulogy to be read at his funeral on Saturday. We will miss our Uncle. Please say a prayer for Mom and for the family at this sad time.

In getting looking back at photos and video from the past two years I came across a file with photos and video from a great day with dad from 2006. He and my brother James went out for fish in the morning with my sister-in-law Clara. Greeting them on the beach and watching Dad clean and split the fish as well as cut out the Cod’s heads was a golden moment that brought me back to my youth. Dad was almost 90 and he just loved every minute of his day on the water. You can see in the images that he is quite at home in his overhauls and in his rubber boots. His hat is a lesson is marketing yourself and his energy in his work is an inspiration to all. I put those photos and video together and have posted it to YOUTUBE. You can view it by clicking here! Enjoy!  

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