Marked by Love

Marked by Love


Music has a great capacity to life the hart and soul. Music is an important gift from God and indeed it is something we ought to celebrate. St. Hildegard of Bingen said “There is the Music of Heaven in all things and we have forgotten how to hear it until we sing.”


This weekend there is a great opportunity in our city to hear a group that performs great Christian music. I think that if we want to hear the Music of Heaven we sometimes need to hear those who are passionate about their music and their love for God. This group is a good example of living in such a way that brings honour to God by using the gist that God has given. The group is called Marked by Love and they bring great sound and deep faith in what they do. The music has a definite jazzy feel to it and I encourage all who can go to attend. On top of the good music, they are doing an important ministry for children who are in need. All the funds raised through the sale of their CD – Things Thought Impossible  are directed specifically to The Salvation Army’s Ethembeni Babies Home in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their webpage says that “The Salvation Army’s home and hospital located in Johannesburg, South Africa cares for 60 babies and toddlers who have been either abandoned or orphaned because of HIV/AIDS.” Ethembeni in Xhosa means HOPE. Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard said that “Hope is passion for what is possible.” I am always made more hopeful when I come across people like those Salvationist in Marked By Love. For the Anglican readers we have had The Three Cantors do a similar thing raising over $1 Million for the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. More recently we have heard about The Very Reverend Terry Dance’s work in South Africa. He too has been working to advance Temba (another word in Xhosa for Hope) as he and his wife Diane are working to help make the Bethany Center as well the church’s work in Itipini where 400 families exist in rat invested and garbage laden conditions. We continue to support this project in our parish. These concepts are all very much the same. They are all rooted in the witness of Christian leaders who care enough about the world in which they live to try and do what they can to make it better. They are all great examples of people who as Kierkegaard asserted have great passion for what is possible; They are people of great hope. They are people with ethembeni, with temba.


Marked by Love sing very well and in selling CDs they assist people half way around the world. They do this because they love God and because they know they can make a difference. Take the time if you have it on Saturday and get out to see them, you won’t be disappointed.


Here is the important info as well as a link to the groups’ webpage!


The Salvation Army Eastwood Citadel presents


Marked By Love 


In Concert Saturday September 6, 2008 @ 6:30


The Salvation Army Eastwood Citadel is located on 3199 Lauzon Road.

All are welcome!


For more information on this spectacular group visit

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