Can Dreams Come True


Hope – Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope! In the end, that is God’s greatest gift to us, the bedrock of this nation. A belief in things not seen. A belief that there are better days ahead. – Barack Obama

Tonight I watched Barak Obama’s acceptance speech. It was very impressive indeed. I am impressed by Mr. Obama’s ability to stir up the hopes of people, youth especially. Tonight before nearly 80 000 people he captured the hearts of all who were listening. It was moving really to hear him give that speech 45 years after the famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech of Dr. Martin Luther King. To think that the choice that American’s will make on November 4 will include a Black presidential candidate is a testament to the work of people like Dr. King who was martyred for his prayer in action.

Obama is such a stark contrast to President Bush. I am humoured at the charge that Barak Obama is weak in foreign policy. This in the face of the great diplomat, George Bush, who at the most recent G-8 was heard to call out to the Italian prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with these words, “Amigo! Amigo!” When he spoke to Pope Benedict XVI  he did not speak Spanish (perhaps he knows that he is German) he simply said, “Your eminence, you’re looking good" when he met with the Holy Father in June. Who needs all that Your Holiness stuff anyways? It was a slight improvement over Bush’s remarks after the Pope spoke in America. “Thank you, your Holiness. Awesome speech." He had the title right! In Slovenia in June Bush said, "We’ve got a lot of relations with countries in our neighborhood." Well you know the list goes on and on. I just think it is ironic that a nation which is now lead by a president who had little to no foreign policy when he was elected, can look at an educated, articulate, and hope filled man and suggest that he is weak on the world stage. Look at what happened on Obama’s recent trip to Europe. Hundreds of thousands of people came out to hear a man who has at this moment only the potential to be President of the USA. Why? I would say because the rest of the world is hopeful for change in the US. The world lies in wait that someone will bring that ‘hope in the face of difficulty.’ The world watches as it is tiring of the politics of confrontation.

Tonight was impressive. It will be interesting to watch over the next 12 weeks what happens in America. Will they seize the potential that is placed before the electorate and make the next big step? Or will the politics of fear and the quiet prejudice of the few push hope and potential aside for the comfort of what has been, even if what has been is not so pretty, not so fair and not so just? For now this Canadian is happy to watch with great interest and to be inspired by great words of hope. In the words above Barak Obama insists that he has hope and that hope is ‘a belief that there are better days ahead.’ Martin Luther King shared that hope. I also share the belief that there are better days ahead. Dr. King had a dream…oh if he were alive tonight to see and hear so many people moved by Barak Obama. Do dreams come true? I think they do! I will watch to see just how many of Dr. King’s dreams come true.



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