Bob George – The Legend

Catherinanne and I had a great day today. There was lobster for lunch – thanks a million Rex Roberts. At $6 a pound, it was more than a treat. There as a quick visit with Gary and to deliver even more lobster and watch hime boil it – that in itself was a little slice of goodness. We also had a great night with James and Clara, Robert and Jo-Anne and their friends. Believe me when I say that Catherinanne is a winner! To top it all off We had a wonderful dinner out with Mom and Dad – Fisherman’s Brewis no less. And we had a marvellous time with my Dad today. The best way to let you see how good it was is to was is show you this video.



It all reminds me of a old Newfoundland joke that I have told many times.

Kevin: "Rex how much is your lobster be de pound?"

Rex: "Don’t sell them be de pound sir. Only sells be de each."

Kevin: "How much is they be de each?"

Rex: "$6 a Pound sir!"

Makes sense if you think about it – who wants to sell just a pound of a lobster?"


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