A Day full of great Moments

April 18th was a long day – but it was filled with great moments.



My Grandmother used to sing the hymn “Pass me not of Gentle Saviour.”  It was one of her favourites and as a result it has always been a special “old Time” hymn for me. Today I had Marion and Gloria with me at the home. They are two of our NHLers – (Nursing Home Lions). While they were so kind to take communion around the room to the residents, I for some reason spontaneously began signing “Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour,” which was in the songbook that the home uses.  Given that it was me signing and that there was no accompaniment, it was perhaps painful for others, but it was a special little moment for me. In that few minutes I was able to reflect on my Grandparents who both resided in a home before their deaths.  It has also been a long week for me in many ways and singing  the words of that of Fanny Crosby Hymn was in many was very healing. Verse three for instance;

Trusting only in Thy merit,
Would I seek Thy face;
Heal my wounded, broken spirit,
Save me by Thy grace.


That was a good moment.



Today we picked up our Goddaughter Alanah at school and took her to lunch. This too was a great moment. We had time to laugh together and we had time to be together. It was great to hear her wonderful laugh and it was excellent to see how special she felt to be getting a year older.  Looking at her today it is hard to believe that was born just five short months after we arrived in Windsor. What a great birthday gift I thought she was that day, and how much I still think so today. One of my best memories was going to the hospital to see her with my Mom and Dad in tow. It was their first visit to Windsor and they still remember her birthday. Each year they ask us how was Alanah’s birthday? Again this year I can say it was a great success.  Later in the day we got to see her again with family and it was, as always a privilege and a pleasure to share in her special day.  I also got to teach her about the Newfoundland Tradition of getting your bumps for your birthday!



Today I met with a couple regarding their child’s baptism This meeting took place at the appropriate time as I have been in the thick of percolating a sermon for Sunday morning and the nature of what I will be speaking about on Sunday is totally encapsulated in the baptismal covenant . This Sunday is Similac Sunday at it is a great opportunity to preach on the text of 1 Peter 2:1-10. We will focus our energy this week on the idea that we are the priesthood of all believers and that we must move from “Going to church – to BEING church.”   It was an excellent moment when the last pieces of my homily came together.

 April 20th Church Sign


I stopped by to see our friends Steve and Ericka at the SA late in the afternoon for a quick minute. Steve was hosting a little street hockey in the parking lot with the kids as they waited to be picked up. I was impressed with the youthful exuberance of the children and their love and joy as expressed in their play. In that moment of today I saw the value of play and of camaraderie. It was clear the love expressed between adults and children at that school and day care.  


 Today was as I say long – but very wonderful. I’m sort of sorry that it is over. I’m sure there will be one or two great moments for April 19th as well!

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