Hockey Losses

I note here three significant events from the Hockey world last evening:

1.       THE LEAFS

      The Toronto Maple Leafs were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. This is the 3rd consecutive year that TO has not made the playoffs.  Today I think of Ed Smith, Randy Kettlewell, Art Shields, Steve White x 2 (one a parishioners here at St. Mark’s and the other the Captain at Eastwood Salvation Army Citadel – more on him later ) and my Dad, all of whom are  big Leafs fans and offer my sincere regrets for your situation. Let’s just hope that by the time April 6th rolls around the snow has melted so that the boys in blue can get some exercise on the golf course. On a serious note, I must confess that I have been secretly cheering for Toronto to get into the playoffs.  It is always so much more exciting that way.





      The Windsor Spitfires were defeated 4-1 in the first round of the OHL Playoffs. This, after a year in which they surprised most and a year which brought unbelievable adversity and loss.  I was at the Barn last night with a ‘newfound’ friend and fellow fan Stephen (thanks for the call to go Stephen, you are a great guy for a Leafs fan!) and I must say it was heartening to see the support that the fans gave to this team that has been through such tragedy and has rose to do so well in the midst of it all. With the recent death of their Captain Mickey Renaud it is hard to imagine what is going through the minds and hearts of these young players. All of our hearts and prayers go out to the Spits. 


      3. RYAN WILSON

      Also impressive is the play of Windsor’s Ryan Wilson who Captains the Sarnia Sting. He has impressed me very much. I met him at his step-father’s funeral last Wednesday, a day before this series started. While I am sad to see Windsor lose, I am pleased for Ryan and for his mom Heather that he is doing so well. I am sure that it is good for the family to keep focused on something that Barry (His stepdad) felt so passionate about. From all accounts Barry was very proud of Ryan as is his mom Heather.  Now let’s hope he can keep it going. I have been praying for this young man and his family in the midst of their loss.   

 Ryan Wilson


In a little over a week on April 6, 2008 we will observe Hockey Jersey Sunday at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake. This will be our 5th Hockey Jersey Sunday and I hope to plan some new things that will bring us even more spirituality and more opportunity to show our love for God as found in the playful places in our lives. This tongue-in-cheeck event, started as a little fun, has become a favorite of many in the church. In past years we have attracted the attention of the local papers and the local CBC, not to mention Hockey Night in Canada for our ability to laugh at our selves, while celebrating Canada’s game. (No need to write me – I no our ‘official’ sport is Lacrosse) In any event HJS is a hit at St. Mark’s and we invite you all to participate.

So if you are saddened by either loss last night or if your thankful that your team is on top, bring your sorrow and bring your joy to the table of the Lord! Do Plan on Joining us for Hockey Jersey Sunday. WE WORSHIP AT 8 am AND 10:30 am

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