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January 2008

Remember Gandhi?

Mahatma Gandhi was a great spiritual and political leader who demonstrated the ability of one person to make a difference and to do so via methods of peace and nonviolence. Sadly, the man who lived the way of nonviolence was... Continue Reading →

A Good Sou’west wind!

Robert Frost is one of my very favourite poets.   Today marks the 45th anniversary of his death.  I remember back to school days when we would read a lot of his work. The poems that most come to mind... Continue Reading →

The Pencil Makers Association

I preface this blog by stating that I found myself entertained online tonight which "lead" to laughter and a little reflection - here 'tis!   If you are a pencil maker, today is a big day for you. Today is... Continue Reading →


Thomas Merton said “The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another.”   We live in a... Continue Reading →

Andrea’s Anthem

“Pleasure the meeting and parting the pain.” That was what my Grandmother used to say when we would make our summer visits to Pilley’s Island each summer. Yesterday we returned to Windsor from Newfoundland and from a hard but very... Continue Reading →

A Sweet and Touching Farewell

  Today we said farewell to our little Andrea. It was a wonderful celebration of a little girl’s all too short life.  It was a remarkable but exhausting day.  St. Peter’s Church in Upper Island Cove seats well over 500... Continue Reading →

In The Arms of the Angels

Yesterday our sweet Andrea Sparkes – age 6 years died peacefully at home in the arms of those who loved her best. Words alone cannot express how very much Gary and Annette have cared for and loved their little girls... Continue Reading →

A Wonderful Labrador Artist

Catherinanne and I moved to Windsor over nine years ago. Before our move we had lived in Wabush, Labrador for a little over a year where I was the Associate Priest in the parish of Labrador West. The rector there... Continue Reading →

Benefactor OR Minister

I most recently saw the noun “benefactor” used in a set of prayers of thanksgiving in place of parishioners or congregants. I thought it a little odd so I did some reading. lists two definitions. According to the good... Continue Reading →

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