Let it Snow

What a day and half around here. We don’t usually get a lot of snow – but this weekend we got it pretty good. In these parts, a foot or more of snow is nothing to sneeze at…unless you have a cold, at which point sneezing is not only advised but is also sometimes very necessary.

This morning church was, of course drastically affected by the snow. Roads are not cleared here the way they are out east or up north. So getting out is a chore. The prize at 8 AM for best effort goes to Barbra Richards who drove in all the way from the other side of Belle River. When you understand that she has good Newfoundland blood in her and that kid of effort comes as no surprise at all. There were 10 people at 8 AM – I think that is pretty good indeed. Bill and Shirley Sponarski also get congratulations for their efforts in getting these this morning.

The later service was also low in attendance – 43 people at a service that usually has 140-150. I was o pleasantly surprised that we had as may people as we did today. I was also pleased that we were able to keep church where according to radio so many had cancelled church. Listen to the list on CKLW it is clear that the RCs and the Anglicans would need an atomic event to cancel church … not so much the case for the community protestant churches which all seemed to be closed this morning. All that being said, we did POSTPONE our service of Lessons and Carols that was supposed to be on Sunday Night at 7:30 to Thursday Evening at 7:30 PM….we hope to see you there.

It was a fun time for all. I had a little fun with the shovelling and all that goes with it. Take a look at this short YOUTUBE video outlining the whole mess. You can see it by clicking here.


See you in Church!

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