A Great Opportunity

On THIS Sunday night at 7 PM there is a Christmas concert at St. Mark’s in West Windsor. This will be a great Night as the Essex Singers will perform ALL in support of St. Mark’s by-the-Lake and St. Mark’s – Tecumseh Rd. This will be a great evening out and is a great GIFT to our parish and our namesake in Windsor.

There is one small problem – we have not sold many tickets. This is surprising to me as this is a great choir and they are making a great contribution to us in offering their gift of music. I know that many of us are planning to go and may not have picked up our tickets yet. Today I offer this plea that you call the church office and get your tickets, at least reserved. We need to get a handle on numbers in order that our parishes can plan appropriately for the reception that follows the concert.

Each week for the past three weeks Christian Paulton who is a member of the Essex Singers has played a piece of the music being performed before our Morning liturgy and It is beautiful.

Plan a good night out with your friends and family – Tickets are $15 and ALL proceeds go to St Mark’s and St. Mark’s. Please be in touch.

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