A Bazaar Restoration Project

Fundraising can really be “fun raising.” We are in the very height of it all here at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake for the next week or so. Saturday was our annual Fall Bazaar. That has meant that for the past few weeks Gloria Zeman has been by the church each and every day working to get things together and that many others have been working hard this past week and even more working hard on Saturday as we orchestrated a wonderful day. I love the Bazaar – it is a good time because more so than other events, we see a load of people from the church as well as a lot of friends and neighbours. It was a great day and I believe one of the busiest days in the eight fall bazaars that I have attended in this parish. It simply wonderful – our thanks to all concerned.

A great highlight of the day came from brokenness – literally. One of our newest little parishioners, Brooke had dropped her little ceramic doll that she won on the string pull. She was deeply saddened by this and took the new toys I gave her very gratefully but the obvious pain of the loss was written all over her face. Enter Catherinanne – stage left. It will come as no shock to anyone who knows me that Catherinanne must have tremendous patience. On Saturday at the Bazaar she proved just how very much she has. Catherinanne retrieved one of her favourite substances, Krazy Glue, from her secret lair and returned with a mission – repair the doll that was broken into about 35 little pieces and in the process she could mend Brooke’s broken heart. Over an hour later – it was mission accomplished. Catherinanne showed all about that with some patience and love, no matter how completely broken something may appear to be – beauty can be restored and goodness can be revealed. The little doll does not look the same, she bears the scars of her life, but Brooke’s smile was restored and Catherinanne felt rewarded by a brilliant smile. As I said the day brought a lot of good surprises. Take a look at the photos of bringing life back to a little doll.

Fall Bazaar039Fall Bazaar047

 Fall Bazaar051Fall Bazaar052


This Friday coming is our 8th Annual Celebrity Steak BBQ and Auction. A great time each year we have it, this year is shaping up to be a grand affair as well. With Guest Speaker Tommy Williams, a local sports hero and Celebrity Emcee – Tony Doucette, how can we go wrong? Items for auction are coming in and slowing taking over my office. It is fascinating to me each year how in the last couple of days so much “stuff” is given to the auction. More than fascination I feel a great deal of gratitude for those who so generously donate to this fine affair. We have such great moments each year to remember and I am certain that this year will be no different. Who can forget our very first Auction with Lem Barney who was a class act all around and who looked as though he could still help the Lions win a game or two. As an aside, Lem, who is now a Baptist Minister came to the church after that speaking engagement and he preached. The highlight for me was throwing him a pass down the center aisle of the church during the children’s focus – a perfect pass right on the letters I might add! What about Ted Lindsay who told us all that he “…knows what wrong with the world today…” There was Terry Evanshen whose story of recovery was remarkable and his words were an inspiration to all who were there. Each of our speakers have brought something special to the night and we look forward to those special moments from this year as we will no doubt be entertained by Tommy Williams and Tony Doucette.  Speaking of great memories from those auctions, who can forget the great bidding wars between Mr. Agnew and anyone else who wants the parking spot that is currently held by Ed Sears and Bob Hubbard? Great fun indeed!  Hopefully you can join us – Tickets are $25 each – call soon as we have to give the K of C some final numbers.

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