The Books are in – OFF THE GRID

Some of you have ordered copies of Ed Smith’s Book and have been waiting patiently for them.


GOOD NEWS – The books are here – The Cost is $15 and they can be picked up any time beginning now. If you have already picked up your book and have not yet paid, paying soon would be appreciated as well.



“We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled but as candles to be lit.” Those are the words of Robert Schaffer. Today the youth of our Parish along with some youth from other churches in Essex Deanery are engaged on an overnight adventure which they have called “Off the Grid.” In an effort to increase their own awareness of the environment as a part of God’s creation, they are voluntarily forgoing electricity, cell phones, iPods etc. They have also collected sponsors to do this and to that end hope to help the planet by giving to the primates World Relief and Development Fund.


Say a prayer for them tonight as they live in sparse surroundings and cook on fires etc. And tomorrow, at church, congratulate them on their efforts. Schaffer is right – these young people are not empty bottles needing to be filled – especially given what we fill them with. We want to not pass on to them our cynicism, our judgment, our fears and our misgivings. Instead we should look at them as candles, as light and as hope who can light the way for us who are in search for a better tomorrow.

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