St. Augustine said that “patience is the companion of wisdom.” Tolstoy said that “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Neither of these two great individuals has obviously ever waited on Canada Post. This week as I waited for a box of books from Flanker Press in Newfoundland,  my lack of patience was getting to be at a peak. It would be fair to say that as I waited for Ed Smith’s books I really felt no sense of patience and I certainly did not feel anything close to wise.


The Books are Here004


Alas today, like a proud warrior, the postal private drove her mighty multicoloured motor-vehicle straight to the front door of St. Mark’s by-the-Lake. You can imagine the surprise of the intrepid internuncio when she came in and had to face the vigorous vicar standing inside the door with camera in hand to record the magnificent moment. She was bemused by the padre’s pretence. She was not receptive to the ridicule of the Holy Joe – so the pulpiteer took a recess from his foolery and fun. The vicar thanked the postal princess for her service and they both went back to their day.     

  The Books are Here002

I was thrilled to say the least that the books finally arrived. Most of the 25 people who have signed on for the conversations about From the Ashes of My Dreams have picked up the book. If you have not – you can do so tomorrow or on Sunday – but remember that we are having a good discussion on Sunday evening and you may want to get reading. Some of you out there have ordered this book and are not coming to the study group – if you ordered last week – your book is in as well and you too can come by and pick up the book.  You have all displayed a great deal of patience in the past week and a half and now you can dance for joy at the delivery of this precious cargo! [Early reviews have people unable to put this book down.]


Say a prayer for me (The Holy Joe) that I might fully appreciate the wisdom that can be found in having patience. Say a prayer for all the postal workers who have to put up with the impatience of people like myself.