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September 2007

Let God Be God in you

Meister Eckhart was such a profound theologian. When I read his writings I really feel inspired to be more, to love more, to live more and to seek more. I think that part of what is so appealing about the... Continue Reading →

Back Packs and Hot Dogs

Today was the first Sunday back and it was great. There is something wonderful about getting back to your own community on Sunday morning. Great to see everyone again, great to hear our familiar and great music, great to reconnect,... Continue Reading →

A Big Day in History

Twenty-one years ago today was a big day in the Anglican Communion. For on this day in 1986 Desmond Tutu became Archbishop of South Africa.  This man is a life-long advocate for justice and has demonstrated well the discipleship of... Continue Reading →

Theresa of Calcutta

“God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try” –Blessed Theresa of Calcutta’s words.   Today the church commemorates her. Lately Mother Theresa is in the news again. The multitude of news agency’s across North America reporting... Continue Reading →

I’m Back

It is good to be back at my desk and back at my computer.  The BLOG is back! Catherinanne and I have had a great vacation for the last three weeks. We have enjoyed every minute of our time away... Continue Reading →

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