I’m Back

It is good to be back at my desk and back at my computer.  The BLOG is back!

Catherinanne and I have had a great vacation for the last three weeks. We have enjoyed every minute of our time away – but we are thrilled to be at home! Our time together was so appreciated given the long 12 weeks we had before that with Catherinanne working away. In three weeks we managed to see family in Newfoundland and London, ON, visit Chicago and attend a great wedding celebration in Vermont!   We have had three weeks that were filled with tears and laughter, joy and sorrow. It was good rest and I am pleased to be back at work with the disciples here at St. Mark’s.

I have heard that Pop Star Justin Timberlake is “Bringing Sexy Back.” Well I am pleased that our Own Geoff Dibbs spent the last three weeks “Bringing Respectability Back.” While I am away Geoff has a way of classing the place up! It is wonderful to be on vacation and know that the people that I love and care about so much are given such wonderful pastoral care and liturgical leadership.  This time Geoff was kept busy with a number of pastoral issues and provided excellent pastoral care and leadership to one of the largest funerals in many years in this church for Dan Dengel. Thank you, Geoff for your commitment to us and to God.  This parish is better because of your leadership and assistance.

Today I am wondering, what should I share in my first blog post vacation? There has been much that has happened in our time away most of which you might find boring and all of which was good family time – so I will spare you that except to say that I did get some pearls of wisdom that from time to time over the next weeks that I will share in this medium. So I thought that perhaps what I could share with you today is a great reading list in case you are looking for a good book or two to read. Over the past weeks I have read – a lot! Titles include Montana 1948 (Great Novel), Baltimore’s Mansion (Wayne Johnston’s memoir recounting his family’s life in Newfoundland and the struggle with Confederation), Healing a Child’s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas  & A Child’s View of Grief (Great  books for all dealing with children and Grief), In an Instant: A Family’s Journey of Love and Healing (an inspirational book retelling of ABC News Anchor Bob Woodruff’s recovery from an IED explosion in Iraq) and I read a book of Homilies from a Pastor in Florida from the early part of the last century that could have been written toady. It was marvelous. I left the book in Newfoundland and   oddly I cannot remember the author or the title.  I read it on the trip out there and was thoroughly impressed by it. Many thanks, to Wilson Noseworthy for giving it to me on his way out of church the morning that I left.  I have begun reading A Travel Guide to Heaven (A great book about Spirituality and a rejuvenating look at Heaven).

I love to read and I love the freedom that time off gives me to do just that. If you get a chance to read any of those books I would strongly advise you do so. The most general of the lot would be Baltimore’s Mansion and In an Instant. These stories hold so much for so many. They are inspiring to say the least.  

The moral of this story – READ! 

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