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August 2007

“Ministering to Children”

Ed Smith is a fantastic writer from Springdale NL who has a weekly column in The Telegram, the province’s largest paper. Ed has now published several books. A Canadian bestseller From the Ashes of My Dreams recounts his brave struggle... Continue Reading →

August 9th and Human Violence

Sixty-two years ago today the second atom bomb was dropped in Japan at Nagasaki. The force of destruction was massive killing between 60 000 and 80 000 people. It was the last blow to Japan who surrendered unconditionally after that... Continue Reading →

Sights, Sounds and Smells of the 401

  John Anderson suggested that an appropriate title for tonight’s blog might be “Sights and Sounds and Smells of the 401.” This comment came in the midst of a return drive from London to Windsor in Scott’s Jeep with the... Continue Reading →


I have done some reflection today on leadership. From the time I have been a young man – a teenager, I have been thrust into a role of leadership. In high school, at church by the age of 15 I... Continue Reading →

Being Present when it is HOT!

    WOW - feel it? It is HOT! Very Hot, has been for the last two or three days. In this heat is hard to imagine doing much. Today the good folks who came support Stacy and her mom... Continue Reading →


IN MEMORY OF LAURA BONNETT, AL MASON, AND CATHY PLANTE   Celia Thaxter  said, "The sunrise never failed us yet."  I was awake early this morning so I came outside , sat with tea and watched as darkness transformed into light.... Continue Reading →

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