Lift High the Cross

Lift High the Cross,

the love of Christ Proclaim!

Till all the world adore

His sacred name.


Yesterday Al Oakley, Jerry Pardy and Bob Cooper spent the day doing some major repairs around the church. The first order of business was the church bell which needed a new cable and a good greasing. They did both. Don’t be surprised if you hear Stacey Adam swinging that bell this morning.  The second order of business was the vent at the East end of the church which I have been trying to get fixed for 8 years. The third item was the cross atop the Belfry. It rotted and was removed 4 or 5 years ago. The problem with all of these projects is the sheer height that they all live at. Thanks be to God, Al Oakley arranged for a lift and they were able to get up there. Many thanks Al and many thanks Jerry abd Bob for a hard and satisfying day of work.  


I have produced a video of the cross installation and you can view it on YouTube by clicking below. (Be sure to click pause on the medai Play at your right before you do) There are some really great photos that Catherinanne shot and they will be available on the parish webpage in a day or two.


[UPDATE: Mother has been thrilled with all of her messages and she continues to receive them. If you want to send one along please email them to me at and I will forward them all.]



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