Custodians and Saints

When I began reading the Custodian of Paradise I thought the title was a reference to the main character – since she takes up residence early in the book, on a deserted Island off the South Coast of Newfoundland. I have finished the book and the phrase means so much more to me now. I think that I was at least partly accurate – but it is only a fraction of the depth of meaning of the great title. It was near the end that the title takes on its full significance. For that reason, I cannot share all of what I feel about it here, in hopes that you may also wish to read this fantastic book.

Webster’s defines a custodian as “one that guards and protects or maintains.” There are many custodians in this story and many that exist in it without much mention. For now I am custodian of the joy that reading this tale of the human condition gives to the readier. I must maintain some secrecy about this tale so that you too might enjoy the revelations found in it.

I was not disappointed at all. This is a great story of tragedy and triumph, it is a story that brings great redemption and reminds the reader of the importance relationships and of forgiveness. We learn in this book the pitfalls of resentment and revenge and we learn the freedom that openness and honesty along with forgiveness can bring. It is an Excellent read – kudos again to author Wayne Johnson!

Today is the Commemoration of the feast Day of the Parents of the Virgin Mary – St. Joachim and St. Anne. Catherinanne has taken two pilgrimages these past two Sundays to the shrine of St. Anne de Beaupré  in Quebec. This is a very sacred and holy place and has been a place of great spiritual renewal for many. I leave you today with this prayer which pilgrims pray at St. Anne de Beaupré;


 Saint Anne, I have come to honour you and to call upon you in this blessed Shrine of Beaupré. Here, pilgrims have often felt some of the fruits of your goodness, power, and intercession. Like every true pilgrim, I also have favours to ask of you. I know that you will be as good to me as you have been, in the past, to thousands of others who have come to implore you in this Shrine.

Saint Anne, you know the grace of which I stand most in need at the present moment, the special favour for which I have undertaken this pilgrimage. Hear my prayer. I entrust to your care, all of my material and spiritual needs. I commend my family, my country, the Church, and the whole world to you. Keep me faithful to Christ and His Church and one day, escort me into the Father’s Eternal Home. Amen.  

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