Brazil VS Scotland

Today July 18 is the memorial for ST. THENEVA. She was a British princess who had a sad story indeed. When she became pregnant before marriage, her family threw her from a cliff. I have heard of parents being upset at things their kids did – but my heavens! Remarkably she was reported to have survived the fall unharmed. She found a boat, floating with no one in it and got into the boat and sailed across the Firth of Forth to land at Culross where she was cared for by Saint Serf; he became foster-father of her son, Saint Kentigern.  She is the Patron Saint of Glasgow along with her son.  


Now all of that brings me to Scotland – “No one provokes me with impunity."  Being from Scotland usually affords the quality of character that lives up Scotland’s motto.  Scots are proud people and a very determined and patriotic lot. One of my very favourite Scots is a woman by the name of Jean Anderson. She has displayed well the good Scottish heritage that she has grown up with – mostly in her ability to keep her husband John on the straight and narrow. John and Jean are celebrating their 5th Anniversary today.  It is hard to believe how quickly five years go by. The wedding day was HOT – very HOT! Nonetheless, it was a fantastic day a we all got to celebrate a union that came about at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake. It is legend at this time that when John started courting Jean he took it slow on Catherinanne’s advice. January to July is not TOO FAST! We must remember that John is Brazilian, their motto being "Order and Progress." While Jean’s origins may essentially say "Who dares meddle with me?" John is hell bent on making progress with good order and good prudence. So John’s Brazilian charm and sex appeal overcame the determined nature of a Scottish Princess. Just as Theneva displayed a great ability to hang in and make it even when it is tough – so to has Jean. 


On a serious note it was great to see these two people come together.  John and Jean are a wonderful couple and I am so pleased to have been a part of their wedding – and before that to have had a part in their meeting. On their wedding day I reminded them of what their names tell them. John means “God is Gracious.”Jean means “God is Gracious” I thought then that was significant because in each case I believe that God has shown the gracious nature of the Divine in each of them. They are good people and they bring out goodness in those around them. Indeed, since then having been able to watch them grow together I think the fact that their names mean “God is Gracious” is very apropos. In their life as a couple we see the gracious nature of God and God’s love expressed.


Congratulations to a Warden of this parish and his beautiful wife on your anniversary – you are both so fortunate to have each other – So to sum up – with order, John made progress with jean despite the fact that she was not to be provoked unless he was willing to pay the price – John paid up willingly and they are a happy and wonderful couple. – this is what happens when mottos come together!

Keep it going -54 more years and you will catch up with Geoff and Margaret Dibbs!


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