Back on my Feet

Where have I been?

This has been the longest single period without a post since I began this blog over a year ago. Several things have taken over and have prevented me from getting to this. The good news is it has all passed and now you should be able to look for regular posts again. In the past week we have lost several electronic devices to a power surge and w lost the internet for several days. All of this was a result of the big lightening storm about a week and a half ago. In the meantime, while I was attempting to replace the Garage door opener (fried in the surge) with my neighbour Steve I twisted my ankle and sprained it with some ligament and tendon damage.  The good news is that we finished the job and the door is working again. Last week end all of this meant that I missed church for the first time in a long, long time – at least 10 years – I have no missed a Sunday since I was ordained and truthfully I can’t remember when I missed before that. I came close a couple of years ago when I had gout in oddly enough the same ankle. But I made it to church that time – I did not do much – but I was there.

In the meantime church came to me last week. Very touching to have the Sunday School kids all come to the front porch where I was elevating my leg. Upon arrival that offered two great songs to liven my spirit. Here is a video that shows well what they did for me – plus some music and photos from past events to just say thanks! (You should turn off the music media player at the top left by double clicking on the "pause button")

I also got to see Nate and Carol who I was to baptize that day but – alas you know the rest of the story. I m so grateful to The Reverend Canon Geoff Dibbs, who is gradually getting elevated to Divine status for his ministry in this parish, for all of his help. Geoff jumped right in. Geoff does not just fill in – he offers his all and in that provides excellent liturgical leadership. Thank you so much Geoff – first baptism in about 20 years I reckon.

I am not moving quickly, but I am back in business. I am getting Physiotherapy for the ankle and it is progressing well. Although I have to say it is not real comfortable tonight after the physiotherapy session today.  I am looking forward to Sunday so much – I really missed being with my parish family last week, even though I know they were all with me. I am concerned about missing church as I read about a study a few years back that said skipping church is not good.  In fact it can shorten life! Here it is-

Skipping church can shorten life

A recent study shows that the quantity of life suffers from skipping church.
Researchers at the Universities of Texas and Colorado as well as Florida State University found that those who regularly attend religious services live 10% longer than those who never darken the church doors.

For those who attend services once a week, statistics indicate they will live to age 82 – and can tack on an additional year of life expectancy if they attend more than once a week. Those who don’t go at all live to an average age of 75, the study said.

Source: USA Today, 4/26/99

At that rate, myself and Geoff Dibbs and others like us can expect a long life for sure!

The Japanese Proverb says – “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” I intened to take that to heart and have courage to get up and go – so if you see me hobble forgive my speed – but I am up and I am at em – so let’s get back to blogging, churching, socializing, working, loving , well you know – life as usual.

On another note – there have been some great reflections on John Hounsell-Drover’s blog – take a look – insightful stuff.

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