A BIG Day at St. Mark’s

St. Mark’s by-the-Lake is a truly remarkable parish. Today we launched “Raising the Roof: Draw the Circle Wide” – our campaign towards our future growth and expansion. Our Goal for parishioner pledges and contributions is $400 000.

Are you ready for this? Today we have received pledges and commitments and gifts totaling $300 000. That is remarkable. the committment that people have to theor parish is so impressive. People understand well – discipleship and stewardship. 

Congratulations to the Wardens and the Raising the Roof Team on a job well done. We have lots of work left to do. We need to get the $100 000  more in cash and pledges and we need to get working on the $200 000 in fundraising – and more importantly we need to sit down with our Partner in this project – The Diocese of Huron to map a way to get this project started. We continue to work to encourage the Diocese to invest in the church growth that we are experiencing . Our request will be for $400 000  and we are encouraged that the Diocese has been supportive to date.

Way to Go Parish – I am so proud of this Place!

The day was made all the better with Catherinanne home from Quebec City for the weekned as a surprise. It sure gave me a great boost! This was an excellent day.

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