Raising the Roof – Draw the Circle Wide

The Feast of the Birth of St. John the Baptist is a big day at St. Mark’s by-the- Lake this year. Tomorrow June 24, we will share together in our annual parish picnic – but what is even more exciting is the kick off of Raising the Roof – Draw the Circle Wide. This capital campaign will give us the resources necessary to move forward with important improvements to our parish structure to allow us to move the Circle of our love and influence to even more people in the community around us.  Of late, each year we have witnessed growth in the Circle of our parish and we are excited to see even more growth.

Tomorrow people from the parish will give their commitment to this project. We know that we need $1 Million dollars to complete the project. The plan set out by the Markus Committee in February shows $200 000 in fundraising over 10 years, $400 000 from Parishioner Commitments and we are lobbying the Diocese of Huron for a $400 000 grant through a partnership that was struck by a motion at the Diocesan Council (The Diocesan Governing body) in February.  At the end of the Church services tomorrow we will have an idea of how close we are to our $400 000 goal in pledges and commitments. There will be an announcement at the end of the 10:30 AM Mass that we hope will give us all cause for great excitement.  All indications are that we will have very exciting news indeed.

So plan on joining us for church at either 8 or 10:30 AM.  Plan on making your commitment to this project. Plan on joining us for the big announcement at 11:35-40 AM. Plan on joining us for a great picnic after church. Plan on joining us!


Check the Blog Tomorrow Night for more photos of the day and an update!

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