Two Scholars

When Catherinanne and I moved to Tecumseh in the fall of 1998, one of the first families we got to know was the Marcottes – Donna and Jerry and there 4 kids, Meagan, Adam and the twins Erin and Emily. We quickly became good friends and we have been better for it. At that time Erin and Emily were 13 years old and a force to be reckoned with – they were then advanced beyond their years academically and indeed in maturity. Adam and Meagan were also unbelievable in their academics and their maturity. I remember at the time how impressed Catherinanne and I were with all of the Marcotte Children. Now they are all adults and all university students. We continue to be so impressed with them all. They continue to be ahead of the pack – all of them!.

They each took to The University of Windsor with the same verve that they displayed in high school. Each of them, as youngsters, was involved in student governance and all kinds of extracurricular activities inside and outside the school. At university this continued. Today’s Windsor Star pays tribute to the twins. Erin and Emily are graduating from U of W and are both headed off to UWO in London. 

I am up late (what else is new) and the emailed version of the Star arrived at 2:30 AM – I was so excited to open it and see the Marcotte Scholars on the Front Page! I began to reflect on how their brilliance was evident at such a young age and how great it has been to watch them grow and mature into intelligent women of influence who will no doubt do their part to make the world a far better place. I am grateful or the influence they each have had on me and Catherinanne. For different scholarships that they have applied for and mostly received over the years, they asked me to write a reference letter. It was challenging  to write letters for them because, in fact, they have accomplished so much at a young age and are so dynamic and have so many skills that trying to summarize it in a letter seems woefully inadequate.

I have been known to state with great definition that the Star can be so awful sometimes!  Allow me to say today that they got it right. This news is something we all need to read – these are the kind of stories that we should all get to see more of. Erin and Emily are good witnesses to a world in need of positive models of responsibility and hard work. I can say with conviction that it is rare indeed to find 22 year olds that are so driven and so determined to achieve the highest of goals. At the same time – they enjoy every minute of their hard work. Ernest Hemmingway said that, “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” Erin and Emily are such happy young women that his words here prove that while it may be rare to see such happiness and intelligence combined – it is indeed possible. Congratulations to both Erin and Emily and thank you for being so driven. We love you all!

 You can check out the article here


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