John 23rd/Geoff Dibbs/Great Roast



Today the Anglican Church Calendar notes the commemoration of St. John XXIII.  Born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, John XXIII is now known as a reformer of the church. He convened the second Vatican council which eventually reformed the liturgy of the church.  This man brought his own ministry to an impressive level that allowed the Holy Spirit to move in new and profound ways. So say a prayer of thanksgiving for those who have an ability to move beyond the level of mediocrity to a place of excellence.

We have one of those persons in our midst. The Reverend Canon Geoff Dibbs celebrated 53 years of priesthood yesterday. It was Trinity Sunday and it was s special day indeed at the church. Geoff is a great gift in this church had he brings with him a load of good experience. This is a man who has never settled for mediocrity. Geoff has excelled in his ministry and has allowed the Holy Spirit to move within his ministry to make amazing things happen. Congratulations Geoff. We all Love you and appreciate all that you do for us in this church. Leo Tolstoy said that "Life is a place of service. Joy can be real only if people look upon their life as a service and have a definite object in life outside themselves and their personal happiness." Geoff has a great command of Joy and it is because of his life of service. Geoff is not at all self absorbed and his concern for others brings him great joy.   


Geoff did not let us down in Friday either. We all survived the Roast of the Rector on Friday Night. Most especially I survived the Roast. Geoff’s comedy routine was as usual stellar. It was all so well done and I offer my thanks to Stacy Adam for her dedication and hard work in making a great event. The Roasters all did so well.  They were all funny and all entertaining. There was of course a PowerPoint presentation from NL – many thanks to my other brother Darryl and all my siblings who contributed those lovely photos. You can see the video by clicking the arrow in the video below. 

Susan Pedler did a stellar job of emceeing the event. Tony Doucette was hilarious and his presence was appreciated all the more knowing that he left at 11 and frove to Barrie for another commitment. Thanks so much Tony! Scott Shields was well spoken as always. Scott is a great friend and I am grateful to him for all that he does. Joe Comartin also offered a stellar performance.  Joe you are a great gentleman and nowadays that is a quality we do not always see in our parliamentarians. Than you for your digs and thank you for your faith and your conviction. I was surprised that John Anderson was speaking and I was thrilled. John knows me so well and was a great spker on Friday. Thanks John for giving me a couple of good slaps! The Bigger surprise was Lucas who stood and sang for us the “one thing” I taught him – “I’m a Rover Seldom sober.” Well done Lucas. Jerry Marcotte may seem a little on the quiet side  to many, but give him a microphone and invite him to do stand up and the man becomes Jerry Seinfeld. Thanks Jerry for my investiture as a Knight of Columbus – temporary as it might have been. Valerie Henley is the new parish administrator and she too, took her best shot at the rector. Thank you, for your work in preparation for this big night.  All of these though were opening acts for Joking Geoff.

I was thrilled to celebrate 10 years of ordained ministry with 160 people from the parish and with such a fine group of roasters. Marion Hinton  made wonderful centerpieces with my favourite flower – “The Bird of Paradise.”  These centerpieces were replete with a wonderful variety of bobble head Kevins, NL Flags and greenery. Rob Agnew donated a wonderful digital stereo thatStuart and Thea Dawson sold squares on – it raised over $1100 for the church.  Thank you, Rob and Thank You Stuart and Thea for working so hard to fill the board. All that together with the ticket sales means that we would have raised over $4000. This night was a great Fundraiser but more than that it was a terrific FUNraiser.

I said at the end of the evening that ministry has been great to me because I have such a fine parish of disciples to minister with.  Catherinanne put together great photos and a great program full of photos that were at the tables when we got there. It was really neat – not so neat to see how small I USED to be! I am so fortunate to have such a great partner in ministry. My wife is not just a sounding board but also a great pastoral presence in this parish as she was in my previous parish. Thank you, Catherinanne for being at my side – I Love you.  You are the best.

Teach us, good Lord, to serve you as you deserve :
    to give, and not to count the cost,
    to fight, and not to heed the wounds,
    to toil, and not to seek for rest,
    to labor, and not to ask for any reward,
  save that of knowing that we do your will.

— Ignatius of Loyola

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