Being Chaplain

Yesterday I was on a ride along with the Essex Windsor EMS where I am Chaplain. It was in interesting day indeed and I offer my thanks to Shawn Davis who showed me about and to all the paramedics who were working yesterday.

We attended a house fire in the West end where a mother and two children were left homeless and it was saddened all the more with the lost of “little foot” the dog and the two house cats. I had the sad duty of being present to a 15 year old and an 8 year old who came home to find the sad state of their home.  In a way I was pleased that I choose that day to be on a ride along because it was good to be present to children who really needed someone to talk to. 

 Catherinanne has been doing chaplaincy for over 13 years. She is good at it. Presently I anxiously waiting for her return on Saturday from Halifax where she has been providing a pastoral presence to sailors for the past 3 weeks.  I must say that as I get more involved in EMS Chaplaincy I am gaining a new insight and even more respect for the work that Catherinanne has been doing.  I have missed her sorely these past three weeks and I cannot wait to see her return. I was reflecting on my role at EMS and Catherinanne’s role as Chaplain to HMCS Hunter and I made this little picture video – It has a few photo of my chaplaincy (I’m still new at it) but some great shots of Catherinanne in action. Enjoy!


As a matter of interest here is an EMS prayer that I happened upon.

An EMS Prayer

As I perform my duty Lord
Whatever be the call,
Help to guide and keep me safe
From dangers big and small.

I want to serve and do my best
No matter what the scene,
I pledge to keep my skills refined,
My judgment quick and keen.

This calling to give of myself
Most do not understand,
But I stand ready all the time
To help my fellow man.

To have the chance to help a child
Restore his laugh with glee,
A word of thanks I might not hear,
But knowing is enough for me.

The praise of folks is fine for some,
But I feel truly blessed,
That you oh Lord have chosen me
To serve in EMS!

L. Lipps


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