I prayed

Today is a big anniversary for those who fight for civil rights. On this day in 1954 the US supreme court handed down its’ famous decision in Brown v. Board of Ed. Separate was not equal. So we celebrate today that big step moving forward the cause of civil rights for all. Sadly we still have a ways to go. We still have situations where Don Imus  and Michal Richards will make the most obscene comments.  Sadly we need to all acknowledge our own participation in our attitudes towards those who are “other” for us. We were all raised in environments where that is a piece of who we are. So let us today seek to celebrate freedom for all of God’s children.


On another note –

While I prayed this morning I had a prayer spontaneously call out of me.

As best as I can retell it – This is what it was-


Are YOU there? Do YOU hear me?
My plea is all consuming, and I cry to YOU.
Can YOU hear me?
I know that YOU are there –
Moreover, I know that YOU are here.
It is quiet somewhere – but not in my soul.
Things don’t always get better. Yet, I am OK.
I am because YOU love me.
YOU embrace me in YOUR compassion.
Fill my heart. Fill my mind.
Fill the divide between YOUR Children.
Fill me entirely
Fill up those I long for.
Fill the broken hearted and all in distress
I know YOU can hear me!
Help me be gracious – even when it hurts.
Thank YOU for being present in those around me.
Thank YOU for listening.
Thank YOU for strength.
Thank YOU for allowing uncertainly.
Guide me in YOUR NAME


 Thought I would share. Pray for those who need it today!

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