Survivor – Anglican Church Style

How would you like to get a big new responsibility or job by the roll of a dice instead of a job interview? Picture it. The selection committee has narrowed its choice down to 2 or three serious candidates and now they take out a couple of dice and “cast lots” to see who should be chosen.


That was pretty much what made Saint Matthias and apostle It was his feast day yesterday. So how did he get to me so important? The apostles wanted or perhaps needed to fill the gap left by Judas and arrived on two candidates Matthias and Joseph called Barsabbas. In order to determine the will of the “Holy Spirit,” they “cast lots.” Now this seems very bizarre to me. The fill-in for Judas was essentially arrived upon by a throw of the dice or the flip of a coin?  I wonder what ever happened to Joseph called Barsabbas? Tradition has it that he went on to become Saint Justus of Eleutheropolis, first bishop of that part of the church.  Losing that toss may have not been as costly as first impressions warranted.


In any event this business of casting lots to fill a position of leadership in the church has me thinking given that we are currently choosing a Primate (Leader of the Anglican Church of Canada). Perhaps we might do well with that mode of seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Or, perhaps, we can have a Survivor: Anglican Church Edition. I can hear the ads now; “four bishops, 40 days and nights, no BCP, no BAS, no bishops ring, nor pectoral cross, no crosier (bishop’s staff). “  It would be great we can send the to Baffin Island. It would have the added benefit of entertainment.


I think we may have it all wrong – we should have reality TV and elect these people by elimination.  The last one standing is the new Primate! I was so excited about my idea that I made a little video that you can view by visiting  – I think it has some merit – and ot has GREAT entertainment value

It is also on Youtube at






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