Huron University College

Well today was a big day for us at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake. Today was the annual convocation at Huron University College.  That meant that we awarded another 2nd year student at the college a $3000 scholarship in Christian Leadership.  This is a ministry that I am very proud of at St. Mark’s as it is a budgeted item each year that speakers to the parish’s understanding that we all have a role in raising up new leaders for the church of today and tomorrow. Each year we attend the convocation and this year was no different.

Many thanks from Jason, Janet and myself, to our chauffer Ray Hinton for the safe and wonderful drive.  We left at 1:45 PM and had a great drive down. On the recommendation of the Faculty of Theology Council, we awarded the scholarship to Rob Henderson. From all accounts Rob is an exceptional candidate and will no doubt make a fine priest in the not to distant future.  

The dinner was, of course, great and it was so good to see Jenny from the Food Court who, for three years from 1994 on, feed me each and every day.  She is so much fun – and she continues to be. It is always good to do something good.

Ten years ago today I graduated from Huron and being there today sure brought back a lot of memories. One of the graduates today actually did courses with me – his time line was obviously a little longer than mine. It was also great to sit next to and chat with Marian Orser who was a colleague of mine when I studied. 

We all missed having Catherinanne with us this year as she is away at work right now – more than anyone I missed her. The college has a lot of memories for us – we did after all spend so much time there in the first few years of our relationship. It sure did bring back lots of good memories of fun times and cemented relationships.

Congratulations to Rob on his scholarship and congratulations to all the graduates today on your fine accomplishment. May God bless you all as you move forward with whatever is next for you!


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