Congraduation Elaine

A few years ago my sister Elaine went back to school. She began studying in the Associate in Theology Program at Queen’s College. Tonight she received her diploma and my heart is glowing with pride! Elaine is a great slice of faith in practice. She is, indeed, one of those persons that any parish would love to have ministering with them. Elaine has been a strong example to all of us in the George clan. Elaine we are all so proud of what you have accomplished.  I wish I could have been in St. John’s today to see you – Catherinanne and I are sorry that we could not be there.

The Queen’s College Webpage offers this description of the Associate in Theology program;

 “The Associate in Theology (A.Th.)program is a course of study designed for persons who are interested in increasing their knowledge and appreciation of Christian belief and practice. As well as developing their pastoral skills, this program also provides a theological base for persons assuming leadership and ministry within the life of their faith community. “

I have always looked to Elaine as a leader in the faith community – but more than that she has been a strong witness of discipleship and has been a great member of the priesthood of all believers.  I have often explained to people that my love for the church comes from people in my life who have been such good examples – Elaine is one of those very important people. If you want to see real examples of Christian Discipleship look to the baptized. Elaine is a great example of the fact that ministry at its purest is not a function of ordination – it is a function of living one’s baptismal covenant. I am thrilled that Elaine has taken time to engage in theological discourse because I know that while she will have advanced her own learning and experience, she will also have offered herself to others who have come to know her in that context and now will be better people for it.

When I came home tonight I had an email from my other sweetheart of a sister (They are my two favourite sisters) had sent along three pictures – see the photo section – O have added some others as well.

We Love you Elaine and you looked Great tonight – Keep on letting your light shine!

I made this video which you can view by clicking below or if the quality is poor you can visit it at youtube at  Having checked it myself it would be better if you visited youtube by clicking the link above.

The music on the video is a favourite of myself and Catherinanne – I hope you enjoy it and the photos as well. If you are viewing here be sure to turn off the music on the top left media player! 




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