John and Adam Balboa!

Back in September Adam and John Charlton took up boxing. Now at the time, I must confess that I was a little skeptical about these two rather slight young men taking up what to me seems a rough sport. However, I was thrilled to hear of their excitement for their new adventure and pleased at their determination to succeed at their newfound extracurricular activity

Last weekend Adam and John were in St. Catherine’s competing in their first completion and they both performed marvelously with Adam bring home a silver and John delivering the gold. Way to go guys. We are all proud of you. The headline in the Windsor Star on Wednesday read CHARLTON GRABS GOLD. Check it out by clicking on the Windsor Star link.

On a completely different note –

Did you know about our Friday night dinners at St. Mark’s? Jeff Mailloux is a parishioner who caters as “Creative Chefzs.” He is offering a Friday Night dinner from 5-7 PM each week for $8. Best deal in town. It is a full meal with a different meat each week.  Kids between 5-10 eat for $5 and kinds under 5 eat for FREE!  This dinner also helps the parish as Jeff is giving back a portion of his proceeds each week to the church.  So if you are looking for great dinner tomorrow come to St. Mark’s by-the-Lake.

Hey those boxers are probably hungry and growing and they may need to be feed to keep up in their weight class. – Let the whole East Windsor Boxing Club know!

This little video is dedicated to John and Adam ……”Adriiiiiaaaaaaannnnn!”

Be sure to stop the music up top befor you click on play in the center of this video!

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  1. WOW – I had no idea the boys were into that!!!  SO excited for them!  Please pass on my congratulations!!!!

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